Imaginary Correspondence


Objects appear to disappear and reappear.

Some objects are fixed to regions out of which they do not travel outside of.

Other objects claim invisibility, promise transparency, contort memories.

Reflective and absorptive objects echo the acoustic characteristics of their surroundings.

Quiet, or muted objects resonate in the mind, no need to disturb the air.

Sounds may fade into visual manifestations or temporary materialization.

Loud sounds are wall constructs one stands opposite in order to approach them – moment which changes the sounds from solid blocks to penetrable textures.

Sounds travel transparently like light bouncing, reflecting, being absorbed, amplifying, and dimming.

Places switch, overlap, and drift. When they drift they slide apart or change course (like an object in mid-water.) When they overlap they may cause confusion of origin or precedence (foreground/background differentiation.) When they switch they trigger a hold of memory to support the illusion of travel and/or synchrony.

A narrator is a skeleton of nested bodies that listen to one another from multiple withins.

The voice hovers over the courses of other phenomena, barely and fully, up to nothing other than its reproductive process.

To be heard the voice must speak. To be played back it must become a satellite.

Bi-location has no ‘faces’ – there are no equivalents.

“Can there be an object that is completely holed?”